• BEEJ SANSKAR :– In this session, couples who are planning baby are counseled on lifestyle changes and other necessary information based on Ayurveda texts. To have a generation with desired qualities, this session is very useful.
  • CHILD BIRTHING PREPARATION :- Motherhood completes a woman and every woman wishes to enjoy this transition from a woman to a mother. But the thought of a health challenges during pregnancy, labour pain, childbirth and caring for a tiny baby may be worrying for most women, especially the first timers. Childbirth education or birthing classes by certified experts are the structured sessions to orient couples on the process of labour, childbirth and baby care and thus empowered them to make the informed decisions at the right time.
  • DIET COUNSELLING FOR PCOD, THYROID, WEIGHT MANAGEMENT ETC :– Sometimes issues like these cause problems in getting pregnant. So, our qualified nutrition expert guides couples to get the issue resolved for a successful pregnancy.
  • YOGA CLASS FOR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT AND GENERAL WELL BEING, FERTILITY YOGA :-Whole world has recognized enormous benefits of Yoga. So, our Yoga expert can be consulted for general well being to improve fertility chances, weight management and also for any health condition.
  • PRE CONCEPTION COUNSELLING FOR NEWLY WEDDED COUPLES :– In our society, talking about sex education is considered a big NO NO…Couples are counseled everything before and after marriage except sex education. Couples can reach out to us for correct guidance on when and how to plan a desirable pregnancy on right time.
  • FERTILITY NUTRITION :– Our qualified nutrition expert guides couples for right nutrition especially focusing on fertility foods.


  • PREGNANCY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT WITH DIET COUNSELLING :-Every individual’s body metabolism is different; therefore, the nutritional needs of pregnant woman may vary accordingly. The individualized diet counselling by the nutritionist, will encourage you with healthy eating, attain the recommended weight and ensure optimum nutrition for you and your developing fetus.
  • PREGNANCY FITNESS AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT WITH YOGA :- An inspiring & specially designed yoga service that offer techniques for a joy-filled journey into motherhood. Apart from controlling your weight, you will feel energised and learn different Yogic asanas and kriyas to support your changing body along with physical and mental well-being which ultimately prepares you for a healthy labor.
  • PREGNANCY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT AND FITNESS PACKAGE ( DIET AND YOGA COMBINED) :-This is the most convincing and recommended structured pregnancy weight management program designed by us, which is focused to attain the recommended weight gain, provide you more flexibility to overcome upcoming delivery challenges and ensure optimum nutrition throughout the pregnancy. The combination of diet plan with regular yoga sessions will help you in having a blissful pregnancy which is full of energy, stress-free with minimum discomfort.
  • HANDLING PREGNANCY DISCOMFORTS (1st and 2nd TRIMESTER upto 28 weeks) :-An interactive session where common pregnancy symptoms like Nausea, Fatigue, Pain, Constipation, Backache, Swelling etc are discussed with their management and queries related to pregnancy are answered. Also we discuss certain precautions and emergency situations and what to do if it occurs.
  • HANDLING PREGNANCY DISCOMFORTS (3rd TRIMESTER 29-36 weeks) :-An interactive session where common pregnancy discomforts and their non medical management are discussed. Baby kick counts and queries related to labor and delivery are advised. Emergency situations and their first line of management, true and false labor pains etc are counseled for a smooth childbirth experience.
  • CHILDBIRTH PREPARATION CLASS ( 27 – 35 WEEKS ) :-First timer would-be-parents, specially pregnant woman, are always filled with huge dilemmas, queries, and anxiety related to their child birth, labor pain, new born care, breastfeeding and parenting. The Child birth education classes are focused on preparing the couples to achieve safe and comfortable delivery and to make newborn care and parenting stress free and enjoyable experience.
  • GARBH SANSKAR ( GIVING VALUE BASED EDUCATION FROM WOMB) :-Experts encourage practices of Garbh Sanskar and say that it is worth talking to your baby, listening to music and reading educative books while you are pregnant. Garbh Sanskar practices help in making your baby more alert, confident, more active at birth, better at breastfeeding and bond better with parents and family. Join and learn the tenets of Garbh Sanskar and experience the peace they offer.
  • BREASTFEEDING PREPAREDNESS DURING PREGNANCY :-Many mothers reach out to us after delivery with their issues in breastfeeding. So, in this session, we prepare pregnant women with all necessary information and guide them on how they can start breastfeeding at the earliest to ensure a smooth breastfeeding journey for a blissful motherhood experience. Session also includes education and support on breastfeeding which is provided by Lactation Consultant to ensure each baby receives liquid love of her/his mother. A prior education of proper breastfeeding techniques, feeding positions, different holds for baby is very helpful for women to breastfeed their baby soon after delivery. Common myths, misconceptions and FAQ’s are also discussed in this session.
  • LAMAZE (LABOR MANAGEMENT) SESSION :-Most of us want to have normal vaginal delivery, but we must understand that with today’s lifestyle, we need to really be flexible enough to maintain the posture and can bear the pressure built up during labor, both mentally and physically. In this session pregnant woman is taught of various positions and exercises that she needs to practice and follow regularly for a smooth delivery. In this session breathing techniques are also taught which helps in proper oxygen transfer to baby during labor pains, thus shortening the labor phase and having a hassle free childbirth experience.
  • COPING CHILDBIRTH ANXIETIES :-Delivering the baby is the most difficult task both mentally and physically. In order to make the process easier for the mother, we educate couples about what happens during delivery and what should be done by them during pains to have a better childbirth experience. This is particularly useful for first time would be parents to answer their anxieties about what happens in hospital for normal vaginal delivery or caesarian operation deliveries.


  • INFANT CARE SESSION :-In India, baby care is associated with different opinions in different religions and community eg putting kajal, wearing old clothes to newborn, not giving bath for certain days to newborn etc.. sometimes it becomes very confusing for new parents whether to follow family traditions or doctor’s advice, at Maa-Si Care we make it easy for you by amalgamating old traditions with modern era advice for a smooth parenthood journey.
  • BREASTFEEDING/LACTATION ISSUE CONSULTATION :-First timer moms, generally face multiple challenges while breastfeeding the baby. A lactation counsellor may guide you in this process to meet you with these challenges like latching difficulties, painful nursing, and low milk production etc. The majority of women have the ability to breastfeed, however, they give up if not given the right counselling and support
  • LACTATION INDUCTION IN BIOLOGICAL MOTHER ( IN CASE OF SURROGATE PREGNANY) :-Many new moms are surprised and excited to know that even without experience real pregnancy (in case of surrogacy), they may be able to breastfeed their newborn babies. Through induced lactation and proper preparation, it is possible for the new moms to enjoy the breastfeeding experience and can have the same bonding experience with your child, born via surrogacy.
  • COUNSELLING FOR BREASTFEEDING MOTHERS IN CASE OF LOW MILK SUPPLY :-Making breast milk is hard work for your body, All that milk production puts an extra load on your body, so right guidance from Lactation Consultant is one of the keys to successful breastfeeding. Breast milk is very nutritious and contains most of the nutrients your baby needs for at least first 6 months. Consequently, your needs for most nutrients, are increased in order to meet this demand and get your body recover faster.
  • RELACTATION PROGRAM ( FOR MOTHERS WHO WISH TO RESUME THEIR BREASTFEEDING JOURNEY ) :-Mothers who could not breastfeed in beginning or had to quit breastfeeding for whatever reason, and now wish to breastfeed their baby again, can contact us for Relactation Program.
  • RECOVERY SESSION FOR MOTHERS ( 0-6 MONTHS AFTER DELIVERY) :-After going through the most challenging phase i.e. childbirth, your body and mind gets weaken and seeks additional support to recover faster. Your body gets faster recovery if it gets a balanced diet along with mental/emotional peace. We at Maa-Si Care Clinic have designed this postnatal recovery program which is having a blend of Diet and yoga sessions helping you to keep your body to recover faster along with having a great mental peace with specially designed meditations and pranayam techniques.
  • POSTPARTUM WEIGHT LOSS ( WITH DIET AND YOGA/ AFTER 6 MONTHS OF DELIVERY) :- During Pregnancy, a healthy weight gain is highly recommended, however this weight gain after the delivery, adds to lot of health concerns if not managed on time. Most of the new moms find it very difficult to get back in shape because just stop eating or restricting diet, is not the ultimate solution specially when you are on breastfeeding. The ideal weight loss plan should consist of a combination of a healthy diet and a daily exercise/yoga schedule to burn extra calories.
  • POSTPARTUM WEIGHT LOSS WITH ONLY DIET :-Effective postnatal weight loss needs an active metabolism to metabolize and mobilize the additional fat and toxins. Stop eating or restricting your diet will not promote elimination of fat ,it may exacerbate the problem. You can begin your weight loss journey post 6 months of delivering a baby, provided you follow a customised daily healthy weight loss diet plan designed by a nutritionist.


  • DIET CHART FOR BABIES AS THEY COMPLETE 6 MONTHS :-For optimum physical and mental growth of baby, right food is very important. Many mothers are worried for their baby’s nutritional requirements and seek advice for the same. So, our nutrition expert designs a personalized diet chart on the basis of baby’s growth parameters which mother can follow for a stress free parenting.
  • SMART PARENTING SESSIONS (0-2 YEAR BABIES) :- With changing world, parenting style has also changed. New parents always juggle between parenting given to them and also want to keep pace with present day advancements. Our Child Expert have designed 3 part program with most relevant topics where parents can learn the art of right parenting and enjoy this golden period and make their baby’s future ready.
  • BAAL SANSKAR SESSIONS (0-2 YEARS BABIES) :- Indian culture is very rich in values which are well explained in our ancient texts of Ayurveda. These sessions are specially focused to teach parents the music and mantra blessings which they can bestow on their baby for a strong foundation. This will help the child to stay connected with their roots even when they are reaching out sky during their success journey. Value based education is the soul of Indian Education which parents can learn from these sessions to teach their babies.