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One of the most common query of new mothers attending any lactation clinic is how to increase breast milk. So, today I am posting some tips on “Physical methods to increase #Breast #milk”.

Practise #KMC – Kangaroo Mother Care. Keeping baby skin to skin with mother helps in release of a very important hormone i.e. Oxytocin which helps in let down reflex of mother for milk production.

2) #Cuddling with baby.

3) #Smelling baby’s clothes by mother.

3) Listening #soothing #music for mood uplift.

4) #Hot #water #bath by mother or warm cloth fomentation before feed will help the milk to flow in ducts better.

5) Upper side and circular motion back and neck massage for good blood circulation and thus good milk flow in breast ducts.

6) Light breast circular #massage before feed for opening lateral milk ducts.

7) Drinking water before and between feeds for good hydration.

8) Learning and practicing correct latch for baby on breast ( First touch nipple to upper lip of baby, this will make baby open mouth wide, then latch the baby also ensure lower areola more in baby’s mouth)

9) Correct holding technique of baby for feeds (Baby straight lined and both touching abdomen skin of each other) and comfortable position of mother for good compliance and preventing backache.

10) Pressing breast slowly in gliding manner during feed for good milk flow.

11) Frequent breastfeeding for preventing inhibit hormone development which inhibits milk production if milk not emptied from breast. Prolactin hormone which is responsible for more milk production is secreted more in the body in night, so frequent feeding in night helps in more milk production.

12) Understanding baby cues and giving timely feeds helps in increased production.

13) Expressing milk manually if not feeding baby for long time especially in working mothers or if baby is away from mother for any reason.

14) No pacifiers, nipple formers or bottle feed in order to avoid nipple confusion.

15) No animal milk or formula feed.

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