It is difficult to describe the feeling of ecstasy that a woman experiences when she becomes a mother. While most new mothers would be happy, there are a few new moms who wouldn’t be so sure about this “Happy” feeling. No, they aren’t necessarily anti-motherhood or anti-babies. They are going through lot of emotions which includes stress and a lot of changes in their body and their lives. Some of them say it out loud and some don’t, but the challenge remains the same for each of them.

Challenges that a new mother usually faces are:

#Weak Back & Core

I am sharing some basic ways to cope with the most common challenges a new mom faces post delivery.

1. For a Weak Back & Core, start with the easiest and safest exercise –
a. Pelvic Tilt
b. Pelvic bridges
c. Maintain the correct posture.
Note- Information on these has already been posted in this group before. Kindly type keywords and search in this forum.

2. For Incontinence-

a. Perform the Kegel’s Exercise.
b. Stopping the flow of Urine while urinating for 3-5 secs. This exercise should be done once or twice in a day.

3. For Stress, Stress during and after pregnancy is inevitable. So, what do you do about it?
The best way to tackle stress is to be aware of what causes it. There are many factors that may stress you out. Here are some easy ways to cope with it:

a. Deep Breathing Exercises When stressed, we tend to do Shallow Over-breathing (taking shorter breaths), this prolongs anxiety and stress by raising the stress hormones in our system.
Breathe in through nose and let the abdomen rise, hold your breath for 3-4 seconds and slowly exhale through the mouth. Repeat it at least 5-10 times in a quiet environment for maximum relaxation.
b. Talk to your spouse about the challenges you are facing. Talking to your partner not only involves him in this transition phase of yours but, also strengthens the relationship between you two by many folds.
c. Take a Nap every time your baby is asleep.Your body needs rest to repair all the cells and tissues that were worn and torn during the day.
d. Give yourself some time and attention by doing what you love the most.

Listen to music, read a book, catch up with old friends or just about anything that keeps you happy because only a happy mind can nurture a healthy body.