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What is #complimentary food?

The food which is rich in nutrition and should be given along with mother’s milk after 6 months is called #complimentary food.

Why #complimentary food should be started only after 6 months?

Baby’s #digestive capacity is well developed to digest different foods other than milk, after 6 months.

What should be the #consistency of food?

6-8 months – thick like paste and rich in nutrition.

8-11 months – Soft, chewable and mashy food, rich in nutrition.

12 month onwards – Home food as others in family.

Important note- One food at a time should be started and continued for 3 days to see if any allergic reaction is there. Thereafter add other food and keep notice of allergic reaction.

How much #water to be given?

6 month – 4 tablespoon (60ml per day)

7 month – half katori thrice a day.

8 month – half katori 4 times a day.

9 month – half katori 5 times a day (120ml).

1 year – one katori 5 times a day (240ml).

Note –
1) Mother’s milk (Breast milk) should be continued with complimentary food for 2 years.
2) No salt and sugar atleast till 9 months.
3) Fruits to be started after 8-9 months.